The 4 Classic Situations On Hiring A Pressure Washer In Nanaimo

Even if you already own a pressure washer, there are several situations when the equipment from the Do-It-Yourself giants just won’t get it clean or it takes too long. Knowing these situations will help you determine when to do it yourself and when to call a professional service like Extreme Pressure Washing in Nanaimo, BC.

When It’s Time To Sell Your Home

First impressions are so important when selling your home. That cute mold growing on the wall might say character to you, but also might be translated as dirty or unkept to a potential buyer.
Most buyers will make a decision on your home within 3-5 seconds.
That’s right. They will judge your ability (or lack thereof) to maintain your property from the outside appearance and automatically think there are maintenance problems on the inside, too. It’s a natural human behaviour.
When there are already so many other things to do on the inside, having someone clean the driveway, sidewalk, porch, curbs and/or roof often makes a huge difference in the overall curb appeal and can typically be done it one day.

When It’s A Large Surface – Like a Driveway

We applaud all do-it-yourself practitioners in Nanaimo for they’re effort. Some times, after all that effort, they end up with sore backs and the surface cleaned ends up with streaks all over it.

Why? The equipment is not designed to clean large surfaces.

Most pressure washers are designed to clean small areas or vertical surfaces to remove mold. Their spray tips are narrow which makes it difficult to deliver even pressure to the surface being cleaned, hence a pattern of streaks, or you have to go over the surface multiple times to produce an even look.

Over a large surface, it is quite easy to make streaks. Professional contractors like Extreme Pressure Washing get the job done fast without streaks. Call us today for a free quote at 250-714-3919 or visit for more information.

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