All relationships go through difficult times – it’s how you handle those times that makes the difference between staying together and splitting up.


One thing’s for sure: counselors rarely hear the complaint “It’s too early for our relationship!” More often, what they hear is: “We’ve tried everything – counseling is our last resort.” Far too many couples leave counseling until it’s too late. By the time of their first appointment, years of bitterness and resentment have built up and the fear of being hurt blocks out any chance of change.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, now is the time to consider marriage counseling in Nanaimo: 1. When you talk to your partner, it feels as though you’re hitting a brick wall. 2. When our conversations just go round and round in never-ending circles. 3. After you’ve talked, you feel frustrated and confused. 4. You can’t talk for more than a few minutes without it turning into a shouting match. 5. You’re afraid that if you bring up a certain subject, things will get even worse. 6. There’s nothing left to say.

Remember we are “hear” to help!

Have you ever felt like giving up on your Marriage or Relationship?
No need to go through that trauma, we can help you change your relationship without changing your partner!

I am a Certified Clinical Marriage Counselor trained in the Gottman method that can help you put the “happily ever after” back in your Marriage again. I have been counseling people since 2003, having initially received training in personal, youth, and couples counseling, at Nanaimo Family Life Association and then donating my time as a volunteer counselor, while pursuing my degrees.

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 your Marriage Last!

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